Please rinse out containers - paper labels need not be removed.

What to recycle:

  • Aluminum - Beverage containers and foil cleaned of food
  • Boxboard - All non-corrugated cardboard, commonly used in dry food and cereal boxes and shoe boxes. Pizza boxes as longs as it’s not greasy
  • Corrugated Containers - Lined with Kraft, jute or test paper
  • Glass - Transparent and translucent food and beverage bottles and jars
  • Newspapers, Magazines and Paper Products - Telephone books, dry newspapers and their inserts, magazines. Junk mail, high-grade paper, brown Kraft paper bags
  • Plastic - All bottles and containers marked Number 1 through 7
  • Rigid Plastic Containers - All 1 and 5 gallon buckets, lawn furniture, milk crates, garbage bins, plastic toys, etc.
  • Tin and Steel - Cans, tin plates, food, and beverage containers


What not to recycle:

  • Boxboard with wax or plastic coating or one contaminated by food
  • Drinking glasses
  • Electronics of any kind
  • Mirrors, sheet glass, ceramics, dishes, or porcelain items
  • Motor oil bottles, anti-freeze, hazardous materials containers are not acceptable
  • Plastic grocery bags or plastic wrap
  • Pyrex dishes
  • Soaked or yellowed newsprint or material that was once wet
  • Styrofoam
  • Wax-coated and oriental old corrugated containers

Recycling Collection Schedule (PDF)

2024 Recycling Collection Schedule (PDF)

Additional Information

Please call Customer Service with any questions at 336-434-7339 or 336-434-7338.