Uniform Patrol

Four uniformed patrol teams provide patrol services to the City. The primary mission of each team is to protect life, property, and prevent crime. Officers are responsible for patrolling Archdale’s nearly 9 square miles and for providing effective law enforcement to the 11,500 residents and to visitors that travel to and from Archdale.

All officers are encouraged to implement problem solving techniques in cooperation with co-workers and with citizens following the community policing concept.

Patrol Shifts

The department has four patrol teams that operate on rotating shifts (12 hour shifts) which are three days on two days off and then two days on and three days off. Every two weeks the shift rotates from day to night shift to complete a work cycle. Each Patrol officer will work 14 days and be off 14 days each 28-day cycle.


A patrol Lieutenant supervises each patrol team. This ensures that supervisors are in the field throughout the shift and frees the Watch Commander to handle administrative tasks.