Records Division


The Archdale Police Department gathers information during crime prevention, intervention and investigation. The Records staff processes that information using records management software, which is designed for police records. The Records Unit is staffed by one full-time and supplemented by our Communications personnel. Records processes, distributes and stores documentation of incidents and accidents.

Other Records Unit responsibilities include warrant and subpoena data entry, preparation of crime analysis reports, and submission of statistics to the State Bureau of Investigation and for the federal Uniform Crime Report (UCR).The unit provides various types of information to police officers, other criminal justice agencies and the general public.

How to Obtain a Copy of a Police Report

You may pick up copies of incident and accident reports in person at the Police Department located at 305 Balfour Drive 24 hours per day. The Records Unit normally receives police reports within 24 hours after they are filed with the field units. For additional information contact the Records Unit.