Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

The majority of the city facilities are new or have undergone renovations to improve good housekeeping requirements. Each department supervisor maintains checklists for addressing stormwater issues on the sites in conjunction with other regulatory inspections assists in meeting the provisions of these measures. Currently, all municipal owned facilities have considerable buffer areas around the perimeter to act as a natural filtering mechanism. 

Program Changes Since 2007

In 2007, there was no cultural mind set among the departments. In 2019, all departments ask the question, how does what I am doing affect stormwater impacts? If they can see an effect with the challenges of increased stormwater frequencies, they can prepare another checklist to add to the existing. City personnel are charged with setting the example for the citizens in everything they do.

Compliance Audit Documentation

An Unannounced Compliance Audit Documentation 2 Binder Set is maintained in the Office of the Stormwater Manager. Feel free to email D.J. Señeres, the Stormwater Manager, to address how you can help with the evolution of our program. You can also call him at 336-434-7344.