Department Vision

Community Oriented Policing

The Archdale Police Department is committed to the philosophy of community oriented policing. The current strategy is designed to create a more effective working partnership with the community. By doing so Department personnel will develop positive relationships with the citizens of Archdale, and be able to effectively address community concerns.

Traffic Safety

Traffic safety concerns have been, and most likely will remain, a priority for the Department and our community. Most of the Department’s patrol fleet has been equipped with radars to provide additional enforcement capabilities to officers responding to citizen complaints, high accident locations, or even during routine patrols. As the City continues to grow, it will be incumbent upon the Department to remain responsive to traffic-related concerns as part of our community oriented policing philosophy.

Growing Community

Archdale has remained a safe community over the past two decades despite growth in both land area and population. Our Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) consistently shows Archdale to be among the lowest in North Carolina for crimes. As our community grows, it is likely to experience more varied criminal events.

The challenge for our Department is in not only being prepared to handle such incidents, but to be proactive through community oriented policing initiatives in preventing as many as may be possible. As can be seen in the description of our community oriented policing philosophy, our agency places a premium on preventative efforts. This has been a formula for success so far and our plans are to continue in that regard by building on the partnerships between police and community.

Strengthening the Community

All aspects of police operations are continually being examined in an effort to strengthen the community policing philosophy. As it is a dynamic and fluid process, Department personnel must be creative, and maintain an open mind towards positive change.

We strive to be the model of integrity, fairness, and excellence for all law enforcement agencies. We strive to:

  • Make Archdale the "residence of choice" for all people by creating a community environment free of crime, hazards, and disorder.
  • Solicit and use community base alternatives aimed at problem solving in conjunction with criminal sanctions to combat criminal activity and behavior.
  • To be the "employer of choice" by our employees and applicants.