Yard Waste Pick Up

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The City of Archdale is pleased to continue offering year-round curbside pick-up of limbs, brush, and bagged yard waste. Additionally, loose leaf pick up will be available throughout the winter season, as in years past. Public Works staff will use knuckleboom and leaf vacuum trucks to provide these services according to the schedule below:

Limbs and brush will be picked up the same week as your recycling. Place limbs and brush
at the curb by 7:00am on Monday.

Bagged yard waste must be in white or clear bags and will be picked up on Monday of each
week. Place bags at the curb by 7:00am on Monday.

Loose leaf collection is a seasonal service. This year’s loose leaf collection season runs from
11/4/19 through 3/6/20. The schedule for leaf collection is based on the Loose Leaf
Collection Map (link below and at

Loose Leaf Collection Map for 2019-2020

Knuckleboom Collection Truck

Collection Tips and Guidelines

  • Place limbs as close to the road as possible without obstructing the roadway.
  • Refrain from placing limbs and brush underneath trees and overhead utility lines. Yard waste placed under
    such obstacles will not be removed.
  • Abstain from placing yard waste near mailboxes, utility boxes, fire hydrants, streets signs, or other permanent
    items on the ground which could be damaged by collection equipment.
  • Limbs should be cut to a maximum of 6 feet in length and stacked parallel to the road.
  • The City will not remove debris left by paid tree/landscaping services.
  • Bagged waste must be stacked apart from loose materials they are processed separately.
  • There is a 30-minute maximum collection time at each address per scheduled pick-up date.

  • Thank you for your cooperation, as we strive to keep collections efforts safe and efficient.
    If you have questions regarding collections, please call 336-434-7341.