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Archdale Police Department
305 Balfour Dr.
Archdale, NC 27263

Mission Statement

The mission of the Archdale Police Department is to protect life and property by providing exceptional municipal police services to our community in a partnership with the citizens of Archdale.

We actively solicit citizen co-operation and feedback to improve our way of life through cooperative efforts to solve community problems to ensure greater effectiveness in our performance.

Departmental Numbers

Area code (336) for all numbers
Main Number 434-3134
Fax 434-7459
Criminal Investigations 434-1199
Crime Stoppers 861-STOP (7867)

Police Department Employment

For those seeking a career in law enforcement, the Archdale Police Department offers an outstanding opportunity. The Department is committed to equal employment opportunity and supports affirmative action throughout the recruitment and selection process.
The Archdale Police Department relies on its non-sworn personnel to help complete its quality of service to the citizens of Archdale.
Non-sworn applicants must be successful in the following areas:

  • Typing test
  • Computer Literacy
  • Background Investigation
  • Physical
  • Drug Screening

The Archdale Police Department offers the challenge and opportunity of providing public service to a rapidly growing community. For those seeking a career in law enforcement, the Department provides the challenge of a demanding profession, an opportunity for career advancement, a commitment to excellence, along with a comprehensive benefits package.

If you are interested in applying, an application packet may be picked up at the Police Department 24×7 or you can download and print an application here:

  • Police Officer Employment Application
  • Telecommunicator Employment Application
  • Newly-employed officers must successfully complete an intensive 16-week field training program. Once the first year probationary period is complete, the new officer will find many opportunities available. Positions in the Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Training functions are filled through lateral entry, rather than promotion. Lateral transfers allow the Department to move officers into areas that best suit the needs of the agency and the interest of the officer.

    The Career Ladder Program allows officers to earn more pay through completion of training, educational and time-in-grade requirements. Promotional positions are also available to those eligible for advancement.

    Qualifications – Police Officer

    • Must be a citizen of the United States.
    • Must be at least 21 years of age.
    • Must be of good character, as determined by a thorough background investigation.
    • Must not have committed, or been convicted of, a felony offense.
    • Must possess a valid driver’s license and have a good driving record.
    • Must pass a physical examination and drug screening.
    • Must be suitable for law enforcement as determined by a psychological evaluation.
    • Vision must be correctable to 20/20.
    • Must be a high school graduate or have attained a GED certificate.
    • College preferred, but not required.
    • Educational background in law enforcement and/or law enforcement experience preferred.
    • Successful completion of Basic Law Enforcement Training and state exam.

    Benefits – Police Officer

    Working as a police officer for the City of Archdale guarantees a wide variety of benefits. Insurance coverage, generous vacation, holiday leave, recognition, and wellness programs are examples. Benefits include:

    • Medical Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Employer-paid accidental death insurance
    • Contributory retirement
    • Five percent employer contribution to a 401(k) Supplemental Retirement Program
    • Vacation, sick, holiday, civil, military, and maternity leaves
    • Tuition assistance program
    • Local Government Employee’s Credit Union
    • Employee assistance program
    • Pay for Performance Plan
    • Career Ladder Program
    • Uniforms and/or uniform allowance

    Qualifications – Telecommunicator

    • Must be a citizen of the United States.
    • Must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Must successfully pass all background investigations.
    • Must pass drug screening.
    • Must be a high school graduate or have attained a GED certificate.
    • Some experience working with the public and/or communications work.
    • Must be suitable for law enforcement as determined by a psychological evaluation.
    • NC Division of Criminal Information (DCI Operator’s Certiciation or ability to attain.)

    Benefits – Telecommunicator

    Working as a Police Telecommunicator for the City of Archdale guarantees a wide variety of benefits. Insurance coverage, generous vacation, holiday leave, recognition, and wellness programs are examples. Benefits include:

    • Medical Insurance
    • Dental Insurance
    • Tuition assistance
    • Contributory retirement
    • 401(k) Supplemental Retirement Program
    • Paid leave time for vacation, sick, holiday, civil, military, and maternity leaves


    Community Oriented Policing

    The Archdale Police Department is committed to the philosophy of community oriented policing. The current strategy is designed to create a more effective working partnership with the community. By doing so Department personnel will develop positive relationships with the citizens of Archdale, and be able to effectively address community concerns.

    Traffic Safety

    Traffic safety concerns have been, and most likely will remain, a priority for the Department and our community. Most of the Department’s patrol fleet has been equipped with radars to provide additional enforcement capabilities to officers responding to citizen complaints, high accident locations, or even during routine patrols. As the City continues to grow, it will be incumbent upon the Department to remain responsive to traffic-related concerns as part of our community oriented policing philosophy.

    Archdale has remained a safe community over the past two decades despite growth in both land area and population. Our Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) consistently shows Archdale to be among the lowest in North Carolina for crimes. As our community grows, it is likely to experience more varied criminal events.

    The challenge for our Department is in not only being prepared to handle such incidents, but to be proactive through community oriented policing initiatives in preventing as many as may be possible. As can be seen in the description of our community oriented policing philosophy, our agency places a premium on preventative efforts. This has been a formula for success so far and our plans are to continue in that regard by building on the partnerships between police and community.

    All aspects of police operations are continually being examined in an effort to strengthen the community policing philosophy. As it is a dynamic and fluid process, Department personnel must be creative, and maintain an open mind towards positive change.

    We strive to be the model of integrity, fairness, and excellence for all law enforcement agencies. We strive to:

    • Make Archdale the “residence of choice” for all people by creating a community environment free of crime, hazards, and disorder.
    • Solicit and use community base alternatives aimed at problem solving in conjunction with criminal sanctions to combat criminal activity and behavior.
    • To be the “employer of choice” by our employees and applicants.


    • Protect Constitutional freedom for all people.
    • Encourage active community cooperation and participation in proactive initiative to prevent and resist crime.
    • Instill public confidence by maintaining the highest levels of professional law enforcement standards and training.
    • Respond immediately to the aid of person in imminent threat of physical harm or loss/destruction of property.
    • Work together to identify perpetrators of crime, procure witnesses, effect prompt arrests and prosecute offenders.
    • Reflect the diversity of the community we serve through staffing and management practices.


    The Department is made up of several components which provide career opportunities to a total of 35 employees.

    Uniform Patrol

    Four uniformed patrol teams provide patrol services to the City. The primary mission of each team is to protect life, property, and prevent crime. Officers are responsible for patrolling Archdale’s nearly 9 square miles and for providing effective law enforcement to the 11,500 residents and to visitors that travel to and from Archdale.

    All officers are encouraged to implement problem solving techniques in cooperation with co-workers and with citizens following the community policing concept.

    Patrol Shifts

    The department has four patrol teams that operate on rotating shifts (12 hour shifts) which are three days on two days off and then two days on and three days off. Every two weeks the shift rotates from day to night shift to complete a work cycle. Each Patrol officer will work 14 days and be off 14 days each 28-day cycle.


    A patrol Lieutenant supervises each patrol team. This ensures that supervisors are in the field throughout the shift and frees the Watch Commander to handle administrative tasks.

    Canine Unit

    The Canine Unit was created in October 2001, by contributions from the citizens of the community. These contributions allowed the department to purchase a Belgium Malnois for the pilot program. The Canine unit works closely with drug and vice investigators and drug enforcement units to perform article searches, drug searches, track missing persons or suspects, and assist with explosives detection. As of September 2009, the department has two K-9’s on staff.

    Animal Control

    The Archdale Police Department employs one sworn animal control officer. He is responsible for investigating animal cruelty cases and animals running at large. The animal control officer also enforces the leash laws and other City ordinances regulating dogs and cats.

    Animal Control works closely with other animal service organizations. Stray dogs and cats are usually kept at the Randolph County animal shelter near Randleman until they are adopted, picked up by the confirmed owner, or euthanized. You can reach the animal shelter by calling 336-683-8235.

    The Animal Control Officer provides an important community service by appearing before school groups, senior citizen groups, or other community groups to discuss animal control topics or concerns.

    The Animal Control Officer is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Emergency animal calls that are received after hours or on holidays are handled by patrol officers.

    Rabid Animals

    If you see an animal that you believe may be rabid, call to report the location of the animal. Do not try to touch or capture the animal because it may attempt to bite you. Animals with rabies usually show some type of behavioral change. They can be aggressive and excited or depressed and lethargic. They may be uncoordinated and unfocused in the presence of humans around them.

    In Archdale, the most common types of wildlife which may carry the rabies virus are raccoons, foxes, and bats. These animals, which normally avoid humans, are nocturnal and it is unusual for them to be active during daylight hours. If you see a raccoon, fox, or bat during daylight hours and it appears to be sick or is aggressive toward other animals or humans, move to a safe location and call immediately. The law requires that your dog or cat be vaccinated against rabies.

    Animal Bites

    If you are bitten by a domesticated animal, North Carolina law requires that you report it to the local health department. An animal control officer will investigate, and the animal’s owner will be required to show proof of rabies vaccination. In addition, any domesticated animal that has bitten someone is required to undergo 10-day quarantine at a location determined by the County Director of Public Health. The animal may be quarantined at a local veterinary hospital or the Randolph County Animal Shelter at the owner’s expense.

    Leash Law

    One way to prevent your animal from biting a person or another animal is to obey the leash law. The City of Archdale requires that all dogs and cats be on a leash or lead at all times when outdoors. The leash law also protects animals from injury.

    For questions concerning animal control issues, please call 336-434-3134 or send an email to Animal Control.

    Reclaiming Lost Animals

    If your pet has been picked up by Animal Control, you may claim it between the hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday at:

    Randolph County Animal Shelter
    1370 County Land Road
    Randleman, NC 27317

    If you have lost an animal, call the Animal Control officer at 336-434-3134 and provide a description and the last known location of your animal. If you find an animal, you should report it immediately to the Animal Control division so that the owner can be located promptly.

    Criminal Investigations

    The Criminal Investigation unit is responsible for follow-up investigation of reported offenses. These include cases of murder, suicide, assault, rape, robbery, and kidnapping. The team also investigates crimes against property, which include motor vehicle theft, forgery, obtaining property by false pretense, flimflams, embezzlement, larceny, and burglary. Drug and vice investigations are handled by the Diverse Operations and Enforcement Team. The unit works closely with Crime Stoppers to solicit information about crimes.

    Investigators have developed areas of expertise to improve team effectiveness. Specialized areas include sex offenses, child abuse and neglect, forgery and fraud, white collar crime, arson, burglary, and domestic violence. Investigators prepare cases for presentation to the courts and maintain a close working relationship with the District Attorney’s Office to successfully prosecute offenders.

    To maximize effectiveness, the department uses solvability factors in the assignment of cases. Cases that meet certain criteria are assigned for follow-up. However, each case is reviewed to consider special circumstances. This allows investigators and officers to spend more time on cases that stand a greater likelihood of being solved. Contact the Criminal Investigation Unit.

    Records Division

    The Archdale Police Department gathers information during crime prevention, intervention and investigation. The Records staff processes that information using records management software, which is designed for police records. The Records Unit is staffed by one full-time and supplemented by our Communications personnel. Records processes, distributes and stores documentation of incidents and accidents.

    Other Records Unit responsibilities include warrant and subpoena data entry, preparation of crime analysis reports, and submission of statistics to the State Bureau of Investigation and for the federal Uniform Crime Report (UCR).The unit provides various types of information to police officers, other criminal justice agencies and the general public.

    How to Obtain a Copy of a Police Report?

    You may pick up copies of incident and accident reports in person at the Police Department located at 305 Balfour Drive 24 hours per day. The Records Unit normally receives police reports within 24 hours after they are filed with the field units. For additional information contact the Records Unit.

    Property and Evidence Control

    The Archdale Police Department considers the care and control of property and evidence to be a high priority. All property or evidence associated with a crime is sent to one central location for processing and storage. The evidence and property custodians are responsible for the care, custody, and control of all property recovered by the department and all evidence generated during the investigation of a crime.

    Property is generally an item which was stolen and then recovered by a citizen or police officer, or an item which was found by a citizen and turned over to the police department. The Archdale Police Department recovers many pieces of property each year, including bicycles, tools, and stereo equipment. Bicycles are the most commonly recovered items.

    When property is turned in to the department, it is booked into a secure room for safekeeping while the police attempt to locate the owner. In some cases the property is easily traced to the owner and released in a matter of days. In other cases no information exists to begin a search, so the property remains unclaimed. Once all legal processes are completed, unclaimed property is either destroyed or sold at public auction. All proceeds from the property sold, as well as unclaimed found money, are awarded to the Randolph County Public School System as prescribed by law.

    An item is considered to be evidence if it relates to the commission of a crime which is currently under investigation. The requirements of the criminal justice system are such that evidence must be handled with great care. Documentation of who examines, handles, or takes possession of an item (chain of custody), is strictly monitored. Evidence is kept in a vault where entry is limited to the evidence custodian and the alternate evidence custodian. These measures are necessary to protect and control large amounts of cash, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and weapons.

    Evidence is maintained until a case reaches a conclusion. The evidence is then returned to the rightful owner or destroyed in compliance with state and federal laws.

    Professional Standards Unit

    The Professional Standards Unit provides a variety of services for the department, including oversight of fiscal management, internal affairs investigations, recruitment, planning, and training.

    How to File a Complaint or Commendation

    If you feel you have been treated improperly by a Police Department employee, or if you have a significant concern regarding the actions of a Police Department employee, please call, write, email, or visit.

    If you have been assisted by a Police Department employee and wish to praise or commend the employee, please contact the Chief of Police by calling, writing, emailing, or visiting.


    The police department is committed to providing citizens of Archdale with the best law enforcement services possible. In order to accomplish this, the department provides comprehensive training for all personnel. The department has six Certified Law Enforcement Instructors who teach in-service classes on a variety of topics including: DWI Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Drugs that Impair Driving, Radar Certification, Crime Prevention, Use of Force, Firearms, CPR Certification, and Hate Crimes.

    In addition, the department sends personnel to several area community colleges and the North Carolina Justice Academy to receive training in other areas of law enforcement including: Basic Criminal Investigation, Officer Survival Techniques, Field Training Officer, First Line Supervision, Public Speaking, Law Enforcement Instructor Certification, Juvenile Sensitivity, Cultural Diversity, Advanced Accident Investigation, Accident Reconstruction Certification, Civil Liability, and Search Warrants.

    To obtain a Bicycle Registration Form.

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