Plan Archdale

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Plan Archdale We are embarking on a comprehensive plan to ensure that the City is prepared for the future. Multiple opportunities for community engagement are a part of this plan so that residents can provide input. Follow them on Facebook at @PlanArchdale or on ...go to the Plan Archdale article.

Planning Board and Board of Adjustment

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Planning Board and Board of Adjustment The Planning Board is a recommending body to the City Council. Some of their responsibilities include the review and recommendation of Rezoning requests, Conditional Use Rezonings, Special Use Permit applications, and Watershed Permit applications. All meetings are scheduled for the first Monday ...go to the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment article.

Swimming Pool Fencing Guidelines

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Swimming Pool Fencing Guidelines Click here for guidelines regarding fencing for swimming pools.   ...go to the Swimming Pool Fencing Guidelines article.

Planning & Zoning Department Information

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The Planning Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of development regulations throughout the city limits and zoning limits. It is our mission to ensure orderly development for the current and future growth of our city and to provide a better ...go to the Planning & Zoning Department Information article.

Development Checklists

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Applicants who wish to develop property within the city limits or zoning limits can click below to download checklists that describe what is required as part of their development request. The Technical Review Committee checklist is required of all new development requests. ...go to the Development Checklists article.

Stormwater Management

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Stormwater Management Why do we have the ACE Integrated Stormwater Management Program? It is simple, in 1969 the Cuyahoga River was on fire and a series of laws were passed by the Congress of the United States which require the City of Archdale and ...go to the Stormwater Management article.