Planning Board and Board of Adjustment

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The Planning Board is a recommending body to the City Council. Some of their responsibilities include the review and recommendation of Rezoning requests, Conditional Use Rezonings, Special Use Permit applications, and Watershed Permit applications. All meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of the month at 7pm unless otherwise noted.

The current members of the Board are:

Planning Board Members                            Ward                     Term Expires

  • Larry Thomas, Chairman                                II                          3/1/2019
  • Bob Kollm                                                            I                           2/1/2021
  • Larry Linthicum                                                II                          3/1/2019
  • John Glass                                                          IV                         3/1/2021
  • Mitch Miller                                                        I                           4/1/2019
  • Douglas Monroe                                               IV                         3/1/2019
  • Brent Kinney                                                     III                        3/1/2019
  • Chris Collins                                                     ETJ                      2/1/2019
  • David White, ETJ member                            ETJ                      5/1/2018

The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial decision body that meets as needed to review cases such as variances and administrative appeals. Five members of the Planning Board serve on the Board of Adjustment, while the remaining members serve as alternates.

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