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Where do I pay my utility bill?
Information is provided on the back of the water bills. Customers may make payments online,  by U.S. mail, by bank draft, or at City Hall located at 307 Balfour Drive (8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday). We also have a drive- thru drop box for your convenience, however, payments dropped off  after 3:00 pm, on holidays, or on weekends will be credited on the next business day.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Payments can be made using cash, credit or debit cards, checks (one-party only), money orders or bank drafts.  Please do not mail cash.

How often will I receive a bill?
Bills are sent out monthly, usually around the first of each month. Meters are read for each customer once per month.

How are rates set?
Water, sewer, landfill, and recycling rates are set by the City Council and based on general recommendations of staff.

How do I obtain service for a new account?
Service may be obtained in person at City Hall. You will be required to complete an Application for Service and show legal responsibility for the service address. Legal responsibility can be shown with; an offer to purchase OR a closing disclosure OR a lease (whichever applies). Please bring your photo ID with you to City Hall. If you are married and you will both be living at the service address, your spouse will need to come into City Hall with you and bring their photo ID as well. A deposit may be required before service can be provided. Deposits are payable with cash, check, debit/credit cards, or money order. Requests received prior to 3:30 pm can generally be connected the same day. There will be a $25.00 service fee which will be applied to your bill.

What if I move?
It is the customer’s responsibility to provide 24 hour advance written notice to our customer service department.  The information must be in writing, e-mail, or stopping by City Hall during regular business hours.  Regular business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.   Requests received prior to 3:30 pm can generally be disconnected the same day.  Account holder must provide a forwarding address and is responsible for all metered usage up to the date the City disconnects and takes the final meter reading.    Service is billed in arrears therefore, you may receive 1 or 2 more bills, deposits will be applied to final bill.
When is my bill due?
Bills are due by 5:00 pm on the 20th of each month or a $10.00 late fee will be applied. If your bill is not paid by 5:00 pm on the 4th of the following month, service will be disconnected and an additional $50.00 non-payment fee will be applied. No second notices will be sent.

What if my water is turned off?
If your service is disconnected for nonpayment, the account balance plus the late fees must be paid in full before service can be restored.  Please be advised that if the water is turned back on without the permission and knowledge of the City, you will be charged a tampering fee (See Utility Schedule of Fees) in addition to the past due bill amount and late fees.  If payment is received before 4:00 pm, service will be restored the same day.

Will I be billed differently for my sprinkler meter account?
No, rates and bill dates for all meters throughout the City are the same.

What if I do not agree with the usage or have a high bill?
You may notify customer service by phone or by sending an e-mail to our customer service division. If you choose to send an e-mail, please make sure to include your account number with your question or concern.  We will send a technician out to verify that the reading is correct and to check for possible leaks. You will be contacted either by telephone or e-mail and advised of what we found.  If your meter was over read, you will only be billed for landfill, recycling, and stormwater until the reading on your meter reaches the reading we incorrectly obtained. If you locate a leak and have it repaired, you may complete a Leak Adjustment Request to possibly receive a reduction on your next bill. This request may be either mailed to our customer service department or placed in our drop box.

When is my garbage day?
Please remember to place your blue trash cart at the curb the night before your scheduled collection date. Information regarding your garbage collection date is located at City Hall or you can follow this link to view the map.
When is my recycling day?
Recyclables are picked up bi-weekly.  Interstate 85 is the dividing line which determines when recycling will be collected at your service address. Please remember to place your green recycling cart at the curb on the night before your scheduled pick-up date. To view the recycling pick up calendar, follow this link.

Do I have to recycle?
Yes. Every customer serviced with a roll-out cart throughout the City must participate in the recycling program.

Why do I have to recycle?
Recycling is good for the environment. It is also a way to hold the line on disposal costs. Many households are making hard decision on how to stretch their dollars to make ends meet. The decision to recycle is one of the ways you can reduce disposal costs. The garbage and recycling fees that are on your utility bill cover the costs of waste collection and disposal. With the new recycling program the City now gets paid for every ton of material that is recycled. By recycling you reduce the materials put into the landfill and reduce the direct cost to you in the form of garbage and recycling fees.

What can I recycle?
The recycling facility takes a wide range of materials for recycling. These items are listed on the top of your GREEN recycling cart and elsewhere in this website. Please note that plastic bags of any sort should not be placed in the recycling carts.

I  don’t have very much garbage; do I have to use the carts?
Yes. The garbage carts are picked up by a truck with a mechanical arm. Only garbage properly placed inside your blue garbage cart will be collected.

What if the cart is too big for me to pull to the curb?
These tall carts are better leveraged and have a better weight distribution than a shorter cart made by the same manufacturer. Please be a good neighbor and lend a hand to those who might appreciate your assistance.

Why is the recycle cart green?
Blue is the ‘signature’ color of Republic Services and the blue garbage carts are used throughout their customer base. The green recycling carts were made specifically for the City of Archdale. Think Green!  Use your green cart to Recycle Only!

What do I do with the carts if I move?
The garbage and recycling carts are property of Republic Services. Both carts should remain at the address where they were delivered. If the carts are removed, you could be charged a $75 replacement fee for each cart.

What do I do if my cart gets damaged?
Call our utility department and report the damage and the cart will either be repaired or replaced.

Will I receive a notice before my water is discontinued for non payment?
Please keep your email and phone number up-to-date with Customer Service. The City makes a courtesy notification to customers with unpaid accounts approximately one week prior to service discontinuation.

For additional information or questions, please contact the Utilities Department at (336) 434-7339 or (336) 434-7338. You can also email your questions to: .

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