How is the current edition of AutoCAD submissions used by the City of Archdale?

 Since inception of the ACE Integrated Stormwater Management Program, AutoCad drawings have been required as part of the project submission process based on the latest updates of the modular format of the program.  In recent years, the evolution of the program has included a better interface with ArcGIS.  This has allowed the City of Archdale to remain in compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit allowing us to meet the requirements of updating mapping by way of the project closeout process and the issuing of the State mandated Notice of Intent.

a.  The City of Archdale does not make any distinction between large projects or small projects.  If a project file includes an AutoCAD compatible file, features related to the stormwater pipe network will be utilized allowing for a transfer of information from AutoCAD to ArcGIS.

b. Due to the nature of the digital document, the digital record drawing is submitted as part of the close-package with the updated As-Built information provided by the contractor during construction.  Although a hard copy of the Record Drawing with the engineer’s seal is submitted at closeout, a unfrozen digital file is submitted without the engineer’s seal.  The City of Archdale does not specifically write a template for attributes of the AutoCad file due to the significant variances in engineer’s preferences.  However, due to the fluid nature of the evolution of programs and permits, the city has been able to refer to older projects and extract information for permitting.

c. The City of Archdale does not share any digital files and refers inquiries for such information to the Record Drawing design engineer.  When hard copy pdf files are provided as a result of such an inquiry, processing of the request may be subject to a fee based on current reimbursement practices.

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