Traffic Control

People are driving too fast in my neighborhood; what can I do to stop this!?  

The first step is to educate your neighbors! Working together is key to a functioning and safe neighborhood.

If this does not work, the City of Archdale has a traffic control policy that helps to address these issues. There are two phases to this policy, which can be found here: Archdale Traffic Control Policy (PDF).

  1. Read through the policy, fill out the application (Archdale Traffic Control Measure Petition (PDF)), and have your neighbors sign the petition. 75% of the property owners or current residents need to sign the petition before it can be considered.
  2. Upon completion, contact the Archdale Planning Department so they can begin their review. This could take up to 60 days.
    1. If criteria are not met, traffic control policies will not be considered and cannot be reevaluated until 1 year later.
    2. If criteria are met, Type 1 options will be considered and voted on by City Council. These include increased police presence, evaluating signage and installing temporary signage, and/or speed limit reduction.
  3. 60 days after installation of Type 1 options, a reevaluation will happen upon request. If these options are still not addressing needs of the neighborhood, Type 2 options can be considered. These include permanent signage, pavement marking, and traffic calming measures (such as speed humps).
    1. Staff will again review this request before bringing it to City Council for a public hearing. If approved, the device, sign, or marking will be installed at the City's expense when appropriate to do so.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate out to reach out to staff to discuss the process and options.

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