Annexations, Rezonings, & Subdivisions

The Planning Department is responsible for facilitating the review of changes made to parcels. These include changes in jurisdiction, changes to permitted land use, and the redrawing of property lines. Below you will find a brief description of each of these processes. For more information on these processes, please use the sidebar located on the left side of this page.


Annexation is the process by which one or more parcels are incorporated into Archdale's city limits. Generally, annexations are requested by property owners seeking City services (i.e., water, sewer, police, etc).

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The process by which an applicant seeks a change in the permitted land uses of their property (i.e., zoning). For example, an individual wishing to build a duplex on their lot currently zoned for "single family residential" would be required to seek a rezoning prior to construction.

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The process by which a property owner seeks to make changes to their property lines, such as dividing a single lot or realigning the lines of an existing lot. 

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