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  1. Contact Planning

    This form is for contacting the Planning department at the City of Archdale.

  2. Energy System Permit Application

    Permit application for small-scale solar and wind energy systems. Small-scale energy systems are defined as energy systems in which... More…

  3. Plan Submittal

    Please submit any planning related documents here

  4. Yard of the Season Nomination

    Please use the following form to submit your Yard of the Season nomination. All nominees will be considered for the season they are... More…

  1. Driveway Permit Application

    Application for the construction of new concrete/asphalt driveways or the expansion of an existing concrete/asphalt driveway.

  2. General Zoning Permit Application

    Application for general zoning permits. Required for the following: detached buildings (e.g., sheds, car ports, etc.), new building... More…

  3. Sign Permit Application

    Application form for sign permits. Sign permits are only issued for permanent signs. For regulations regarding temporary signs, please... More…