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Remote Public Hearing Comment Form (City Council)

  1. Details
    In order to maintain the safety of City residents, City Council, and City staff; the forthcoming Archdale City Council Meeting will be conducted electronically. During the meeting, City Council will conduct one or more "Public Hearings" for items listed on the agenda. Public Hearings provide time for citizens to speak for or against specific agenda item(s) being heard. The following form may be used to provide Comments regarding a specific agenda item at the forthcoming City Council Meeting.
  2. Instructions
    City Council allows for and seeks written comments regarding Public Hearings. Comments may be submitted between the date of this notice and 24 hours after the public hearing(s), at which time Council will vote on the item(s). Comments must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. February 24, 2021 and must include your first name, last name, address, and the public hearing you wish to provide comment on. Comments will be submitted into the record for Council's consideration. Comments must be directed to the Council in its entirety and shall be made in a courteous and respectful manner or risk not being submitted into the record.
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