What if I do not agree with the usage or have a high bill?

You may notify customer service by phone or by sending an email to our customer service division. If you choose to send an email, please make sure to include your account number with your question or concern. We will send a technician out to verify that the reading is correct and to check for possible leaks. You will be contacted either by telephone or email and advised of what we found. 

If your meter was over-read, you will only be billed for landfill, recycling, and stormwater until the reading on your meter reaches the reading we incorrectly obtained. If you locate a leak and have it repaired, you may complete a Leak Adjustment Request to possibly receive a reduction on your next bill. This request may be either mailed to our customer service department or placed in our dropbox.

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13. What if I do not agree with the usage or have a high bill?
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