Why is the name of the project so specific?

a.    The first part of the project name is the 911 addressing.  This part of the project name is crucial.  The City of Archdale will typically contact the county for a new address if necessary.  The City of Archdale uses See Click Fix for documentation of the project which relies on GPS information.  The contractors during construction can report information about the project by accessing an android device or an iOS device.  Contractors’ report information in the Site Construction Runoff category which documents erosion control installation, repairs, and maintenance while construction is active.  Contractors’ report information in the Post Construction Site Runoff category when they are constructing a stormwater control system subject to annual third-party reporting.  In addition, the State needs a reference point when State personnel decide to name a project other than our classification.

b.    The second part of the project name is a project descriptor name.  This is typically parenthetical to the naming and is usually consistent with the engineered drawing title block.

c.    The third part is the designation of the rounded-up number of acres without decimal points.

d.    The fourth part is the date of transmission of the digital document according to MM-DD-YYYY.

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5. Why is the name of the project so specific?
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