Traffic Box Art

Have you noticed something different about the metal traffic signal boxes around town? If you have, then you've likely seen one of multiple vinyl covers based on the artwork of local students!

The project, lead by Archdale's Community Appearance Commission, utilizes artwork from local K-12 students as a temporary vinyl cover of the typically non-discript signal boxes. Each of the 10 traffic boxes features a unique piece of artwork created by students from John Lawrence Elementary, Archdale-Trinity Middle School, Braxton Craven, Trinity High, and Wheatmore.

The signal boxes can be found at intersections along North & South Main Street and at the intersection of Archdale & Trindale Roads. You can also utilize the mapping application below for the exact location of each box, along with additional information, such as the artist's name and a photograph of their work.

Navigate using the map below. Click to drag the map and select a pinned point for more information on the art installation.