All property within Archdale's city limits and extra territorial zoning jurisdiction (ETJ) falls within a distinct zoning district. Each zoning district has a corresponding set of regulations pertaining to the permitted use of the land within. A rezoning is the process by which an individual requests a change in zoning for one or more parcels through the amendment of the City's zoning map. Rezoning applications require the signature(s) of the property owner(s) and thus will never be initiated without the expressed consent of the owner(s). Following a completed application, all rezonings will undergo a public hearing before the Planning and Zoning board - who will issue a recommendation - followed by an additional public hearing before the City Council - who will render a final decision on the rezoning.

Certain proposed uses are prohibited without either a special use or conditional district rezoning. In the case of special use rezonings (aka. acquisition of a special use permit) additional requirements must be met (e.g., buffering or parking standards) if the use is sought in a particular district. For example, someone with property in a Highway Business District who intends to use their lot for automobile sales must first seek a special use permit for SR 17 (Automobile Sales). If City Council approves the special use request, the property must meet the requirements outlined in SR 17's section of the zoning ordinance in order to use the property for automobile sales. Conditional district rezonings are proposed when property owners seek additional conditions to help the proposed use conform to the surrounding area. Conditions applied by to a conditional use district must be accepted by the owner of the property. Uses other than what is outlined by the conditional districts are prohibited once the rezoning is in place.

To determine if a special use is required, refer to the "Tables of Permitted and Special Uses" section of the zoning ordinance. Using the tables, match the proposed use to the current or proposed zoning district. If the cell contains an S, then a special use permit is required (the SR can be found on the right side of the table and its requirements can be found in the table of special uses). If the cell contains an X, then use is considered "by right" for that district and no special use permit is required.

Prior to filing an application for rezoning, we recommend that you contact the City's Planning staff.


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