COVID-19 Utility Assistance Program

The City of Archdale recognizes that COVID-19 has significantly impacted our community.  Business closures, restrictions on public gatherings, and the ongoing public health emergency have led to financial hardships for many citizens.  In response, the City of Archdale has established a COVID-19 Utility Assistance Program to help residential customers pay outstanding utility accounts resulting from the pandemic.  

 Residents meeting the qualifications listed below are encouraged to apply for assistance.  All applications will be reviewed by an internal review team.  Relief will be provided based on this team’s recommendations until the funds are exhausted.  Eligible households will be able to receive assistance in paying the amount currently due to avoid discontinuation of services up to $55.76 for one (1) month. This is a needs-based financial assistance program for citizens who have been directly affected by the pandemic (reduced employment opportunities, COVID-19 illness, etc.) and have not used this program in the past.

 A completed application is not a guarantee of assistance.  Funds will be awarded on a first-come, first served basis for eligible applicants.  If awarded, funds will be applied directly to the appropriate utility account.  The City of Archdale is not responsible if receiving funds from the COVID-19 Utility Assistance Program precludes an individual or household from receiving funds from another source.


Please ensure that the following qualifications are met before completing an application.  If you have any questions about the application or qualifications, please contact us at 336-434-9983 or via email at  Customer Service can also answer questions at 336-434-7341.

  1.  Must have a City of Archdale utility account.
  2.  Current bill due and have not used this program in the past.
  3.  Applicant has experienced either a reduction of income or an illness directly related to COVID-19.
  4.  Household income on 2019 Tax Return was less than 80% Area Median Income (AMI), as shown in the below table.

2020 Income Limits Table


Greensboro-High Point MSA Median Income is $66,600

LMI = 80% of AMI based on Family/Household Size

Persons in family/ household

1      Person

2      Persons

3      Persons

4      Persons

5      Persons

6      Persons

7      Persons

8      Persons

Income Limit(s)










If you meet these 4 qualifications, you are eligible to complete a Utility Assistance Program Application.  Applicants will be required to certify that all answers are accurate and complete in order to be eligible for consideration.  

Application is required in order to be eligible for assistance.  Up to $55.76 will be applied to the approved applicant’s utility account.  This funding will apply to the current bill only.  If this amount does not cover the entire amount due, customer must pay the difference.  Once late fees of ($10.00 on the 21st) and nonpayment fees ($50.00 on the 4th) are added they cannot be waived.

Completed applications should be emailed to or dropped in the drop box in the parking lot at City Hall (307 Balfour Drive).

 Other, less recommended options for applying include by fax at 336-431-2131 or by mail to:

 City of Archdale

c/o COVID-19 Relief

P.O. Box 14068

Archdale, NC 27263

To submit the application ONLINE, please complete the linked form below:  

COVID-19 Utility Assistance Program Application