Submit a Permit

Please refer to the following application process if you wish to apply for a zoning permit. If you are uncertain if your project will require a zoning permit, please refer to our FAQ page.

Step 1:

Determine the applicable permit from the list below. Once determined, follow the corresponding link, fill out the application form, and proceed to Step 2.

Permit Types

General Zoning - any new construction or addition to external (i.e., outside of the home) square footage. Examples include: accessory structures, in-ground pools, new home construction, additions, etc.

Signs - required for the construction of permanent or free-standing signs. Temporary signs, such as signs placed on one's property and political/real estate signs placed in the right-of-way, do not require a Sign Permit, but are subject to the City's regulations.                    

Driveway - required for properties on city-maintained roads that wish to construct a new driveway or expand an existing driveway. Property along state-maintained roads do not require a permit, but may require an encroachment agreement from the NC DOT. Please reference our map to find out if your property's road is maintained by the City or State.          

Energy Systems - permits for single-home solar and wind energy systems. Larger energy systems will require a special use permit and City Council approval. For large-scale systems, please contact Planning staff for more information.

Step 2:

A staff member will contact you with any questions or issues regarding the application. Once staff have determined that the application is complete, they will inform you that you may move on to Step 3.

Step 3:

Pay the required fee using the City's payment portal. Alternatively, fees can be paid by check or cash at the address listed on the right-hand side of this page. All permit types currently carry a $40 fee. For other associated fees - such as water/sewer taps - please refer to Archdale's current schedule of fees.

Please note that at the moment, the City can only accept cash, checks, or money orders for permitting fees paid in-person. Checks and money orders should be made out to The City of Archdale. Please do not leave permit payments in the outdoor utility payment mailbox. Your staff contact will work with you to coordinate a time to drop off your payment in person.

Step 4:

Once payment has been received, your staff contact will send you a copy of your permit. Please sign the permit on all applicable signature areas and send a copy of the signed permit back to your staff contact. The signed permit may either be sent digitally (as a scanned .pdf document or as a photograph), mailed to Archdale's City Hall, or submitted to the drop box outside of Archdale City Hall.

Step 5:

Some projects will require a building permit issued by the Randolph County Department of Building Inspections in addition to Archdale's zoning permit (applicable in both Randolph and Guilford counties). If your permit will require a building permit, please follow Randolph County's guidelines for acquiring said permit by contacting them at (336) 318-6565.

Other Submittal Options: -- Consider relocating and including download of .pdf application form

Permit applications may also be submitted submitted by mail or via the drop box outside of Archdale City Hall. For permits submitted this way, please include the following:

-ATTN: Archdale Planning & Zoning
-Location of the project on the lot (distance from lot lines and other buildings)
-Address where the project will occur (address and/or parcel ID number)
-Dimensions of the project

-Contact information and means of contacting you (email address and/or phone number).

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    307 Balfour Drive
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