Rabid Animals

Identifying Rabies in an Animal

If you see an animal that you believe may be rabid, call to report the location of the animal. Do not try to touch or capture the animal because it may attempt to bite you. Animals with rabies usually show some type of behavioral change. They can be aggressive and excited or depressed and lethargic. They may be uncoordinated and unfocused in the presence of humans around them.

Animals that Carry Rabies

In Archdale, the most common types of wildlife which may carry the rabies virus are raccoons, foxes, and bats. These animals, which normally avoid humans, are nocturnal and it is unusual for them to be active during daylight hours. If you see a raccoon, fox, or bat during daylight hours and it appears to be sick or is aggressive toward other animals or humans, move to a safe location and call immediately. The law requires that your dog or cat be vaccinated against rabies.